Foes of Newmont’s $5 billion Peru mine in standoff with police

CATAPA Deutsche Bank AGM protest
CATAPA’s protest at Deutsche Bank’s AGM – see report below

Hundreds of protesters were locked in a standoff with police in northern Peru on Wednesday as they vowed to stop Newmont Mining from transferring water from a lake to a reservoir as part of its $5 billion Conga gold project.


Newmont is a US company with British investment: among investors in Newmont are UK-based Blackrock World Mining Trust and AXA Investment Managers UK.


Catapa goes to Deutsche Bank’s AGM

On May 23rd, LMN member group Catapa, together with FairFin, Urgewald and Facing Finance, attended Deutsche Banks’ AGM: the annual shareholders’ meeting. Catapa came with a clear message: Deutsche Bank, Stop investing in irresponsible mining! Deutsche Bank claims – in speeches, quotes, statements, reports and messages on their website – that they do not invest in irresponsible projects. As Deutsche Bank owns 2.15% of Newmont Mining’s stocks, equal to an investment of 407 million euros, Catapa feels this message is just windowdressing. Newmont Mining owns 51% of the Yanacocha mine in Cajamarca, Peru, as well as the planned expansion of Yanacocha: the CONGA project. If the Conga project is realised, over 300,000 people will lose their access to clean water.



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